My approach to Osteopathy

While osteopathy can often be all or part of the solution to a patient’s wellbeing, effective treatment will depend on understanding the reasons behind their problems.

I always work with my patients, especially before beginning a course of treatment, to understand the potential causes of their condition as well as the possible involvement of other factors – such as diet, lifestyle and frame of mind – all of which can play important roles in the subsequent treatment and rehabilitation.

I aim to treat the whole person, and during your treatment you will be provided with the tools to manage your own health and long-term recovery. This can include an exercise regime to improve muscle tone or flexibility, advice on changing your sitting posture at work or driving position, advising you on diet or lifestyle, or providing general guidance on your health.

On occasion I know that, with the best will in the world, osteopathy will not improve someone’s condition. If that is the case, I will always inform the patient and provide the best advice I can on where to get expert help. This can mean referring them to a specialist or their own GP.

My objective is always to help the patient recover as quickly as is realistically achievable and with as little intervention from myself as possible.

Psychological support

Patients often present symptoms that are inhibiting their life and undermining their self-esteem and confidence. An important part of what I do for many clients is to provide them with the psychological support to improve and maintain their wellbeing: listening to, understanding, guiding and motivating them.